A Show of Appreciation

Everyone enjoys when something they’ve done is acknowledged and appreciated. It shows that your thoughts, work, plan, etc was meaningful to someone or something. Here at Colosseum Group, we are no different! We enjoy receiving a thank you and want to celebrate those moments.

This past June, our chairman, Shailu Tipparaju, had the pleasure of attending and speaking at InstructureCon. Shailu came back to the team with so many stories and pictures! It sounded like quite the adventure and experience (we highly recommend you checking out when next year’s event is happening).

Shortly after the conference, Shailu received the following message:

It’s a simple message, but the impact of the message is strong. We are always so grateful to attend such events that aim to bring groups of people together to collaborate and push our world forward. Technology is advancing our educational system at a rapid rate and its conferences like these that assist in making those connections so that we can all keep up with our ever-changing world.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to InstructureCon and everyone that attended or spoke. With your bright minds and hard work, we all will continue to keep moving forward.

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