A Trip to the Bayou

75 degrees, sunny, a gentle breeze carrying the scent of jasmine, and the faint music of a second line in the distance. This was our welcome to the Big Easy.

In April 2019, Shailu Tipparaju was invited to speak at INNO, a global technology conference working to help forge the connections that matter. Shailu spoke on AI & Blockchain, and a GPS + Roadmap to enable these latest trends as an organic fiber of your organization’s ecosystem across sales, operations and technology.

This conference was unbelievable and a huge success for its inaugural year. INNO delivered on its promise to help make lasting connections. Shailu still talks to some of his fellow speakers and attendees from INNO and has some plans in the books for future projects.

(left to right) Shailu Tipparaju and Sloan Miller

We cannot wait to discover what INNO has in store for 2020!

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