A Winning Combination of Entrepreneurs

Shailu Tipparaju, chairman of Colosseum Group, flew out to Boston, Massachusetts on June 26, 2019 to attend the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards with Stephen Kramer, CEO of Bright Horizons, and Michael London, CEO and Founder of Examity.

Bright Horizons has been a partner with Colosseum Group for 10 years. Most of the work we partner on centers around Bright Horizon EdAssist, a tuition management platform. This partnership has challenged both teams to grow and develop in ways we could not have done alone. Day in and day out, the work produced reaches such high levels that can only be achieved through a collaboration likes ours.

“Examity – where the focus is not just on the style of our looks – but also quality of our results. Thank you, Entrepreneur of the Year and our clients, partners and vendors for the recognition of our leadership and brand”

Shailu Tipparaju

Congratulations to Michael and Examity for making it to the 2019 Regional Finals for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

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