Employee Spotlight: Pokala Uday Kumar

This employee spotlight goes to Pokala Uday Kumar! Uday is a data scientist working as a technical lead for the Felix AI project.

1. When did you start working at Colosseum Group?
I Started working in Colosseum group since April 8th, 2019. 2. What makes you love coming to work every day?
A positive atmosphere in the workplace. Apart from that I always felt exciting in contributing to create a product which makes life easier.
Image 3. What about Colosseum Group caught your attention to apply?
I always wanted to be an important member of a small team, rather being unimportant in a big team and a big company. Colosseum group was always looking forward to investing in new ideas and new technologies. AI being new in the industry, colosseum already had a lab and started implementing few innovations and looking forward to expanding their business in the same stream. I am glad to be part of the team now. 4. What work do you do here, and what’s your favorite part of the job?
I work in the development team as a Data Scientist/ Developer and assisting the team technically. Working in this team was always challenging, kept me always on my toes. Few difficult situations, ups and downs, quick actions, multi-tasking has expected me to grow my skills regularly and made me come up with new ideas. This would be one’s favorite part of the job and mine too. 5. Why do you love working with your colleagues?
The lines of communication between the employee and management were transparent in this project. This transparency has created a positive environment amongst the team members, which made the technical decisions, workload, project deadlines very easier in a stressful time. As a result, our ability to work well together significantly increased.

6. What’s a fun fact your colleagues might not know about you?
I would rather call it as an interesting fact. Apart from all the hobbies / passions that I mention anywhere, am fond of cooking. I can surely say that I can cook any kind of Desi dishes.

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