The Colosseum Foundation

On June 6, 2019, the Colosseum Foundation had the pleasure of meeting the, “Maximum Horsepower,” Robotic Team of Barrington School. They delivered a pitch to remember, presenting to us their idea of a robot design to compete at a global event. This pitch was delivered to mentors who volunteered their time to listen and give advice for the team’s future endeavors. Many of our mentors were blown away by the talent being brought to the table and were excited to see these young minds working together for such an event. Maximum Horsepower presented a pitch deck containing their mission, plan of execution, and a call to action for sponsorship. Through collaborative efforts, the mentors and Maximum Horsepower brainstormed together to improve this deck for future potential sponsors. It was time well spent sharing experiences and lessons learned over the years. We cannot wait to see what else this magnificent 7 will accomplish.

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