Getting Down and Dirty in Chicago

Our very own Centurion star, Brittany Dykes, traveled to Chicago this weekend to compete in the WPL rugby match against Chicago North Shore.

It was Brittany’s first time traveling to Chicago with the team and she said the trip did not disappoint.

This past weekend was amazing and I owe it all to my teammates. They’re a great bunch to travel with and truly a pleasure to be around.

Brittany Dykes
Thought Provoking Pre-Game Warm-Up

It was a rainy Sunday for rugby, but that didn’t stop Beantown from bringing their A game. Through the effective use of kicks and a strong defense, Beantown was able to take a strong 10-0 lead in the first half.

By halftime, the team was pumped up and eager to keep the momentum going. The team created a near impenetrable defensive wall against North Shore and was able to keep them at 3 points for the entire second half.

Beantown clinched the W with a 10-3 victory. It was a hard fought match all 80 minutes and a well deserved win. With this victory, Beantown is going into their next match with a 2-1 record. They will be playing New York on their home turf this Saturday.

Pictured Below:
Forward of the Match: Kelsey McCarty
Back of the Match: Brittany Dykes
Player of the Match B-Side: T Fletcher
Named by Chicago North Shore:
Forward of the Match: KTredz
Back of the Match: Amanda Schweitzer

(Left to Right) Brittany Dykes, KTreds, Kelsey McCarty, T Fletcher, Amanda Schweitzer

Congrats to you ladies and all of Beantown for representing Boston so well and being relentless on the pitch! For those interested in learning more about Beantown Rugby or about sponsorships email Beantown at .

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