It’s Hip to be Square

What an exciting week it has been! Shailu Tipparaju is at it again, taking the stage at InstCon to chat about Examity and how their technology helps catch people, who cheat on tests, with AI and blockchain. Technology will continue to be integrated into our lives, so the question is raised, how do we balance these technological advances with our work and personal lives?

Robots wont replace humans. Humans who use robots will just lead a more fulfilling life than those who don’t.

Shailu Tipparaju

We are known for working hard, but we also play hard too! Examity set up a booth to talk more about who they are and to discover who out there in the EdTech community is the best bowler.

Examity is always excited to be part of the conversation of advancing EdTech. Thank you Instructurecon for a wonderful conference and the opportunity to share our view on the ever growing EdTech Ecosystem.

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