Promoting Education with Transportation

This past week Centurions from Colosseum Group banded together to raise funds and lend a helping hand to students in need.

Many children use public transportation to get to and from their Government School. Due to financial reasons, some students cannot afford commute passes. This problem has become a reason that some students dropout of school.

Education is pivotal for continued growth personally and to promote future growth in the world. With this clear understanding, the State Transportation Organization began looking for sponsors that can contribute resources to the bus passes.

Our very own, Anil Surya, took the initiative of collecting various amounts from Centurions to help more students. Thanks to Awesome Centurions, we were able to pool a good amount and with that amount, as many as 250 students benefitted. Anil took great pride in being able to help those in need and was very happy to participate in such a thoughtful initiative.

Thank you to our Centurions and to the State Transportation Organization for the coordination and opportunity.

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