Security, Interoperability, VR in Education

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Big things are happening over at Temple University. Shailu Tipparaju got a chance to experience, first-hand, where technology is taking us in the world of education. Virtual reality, AI, interoperability, LTI, and security are enhancing the user experience. It was a riveting time with academic stars at Temple University, Philadelphia

The topics covered talks about education technologies of the future and how we can lead the way while actively engaging with schools.

The themes of education trends are geared toward immersive learning with AR and VR, collaborative and social learning, security and privacy compliance, gamification and interactivity, interoperability and  an elevated user experience. Finally and most importantly, inclusivity and accessibility.

We want to be leaders in education technology and the way to do that is to connect with those innovators and entrepreneurs around us. Our world’s continued growth is reliant on the connections we make with others.

Thank you Temple University for providing Shailu with such a spooktacular experience! Temple University strives to foster an environment for young minds to build, collaborate, and learn. We surely did learn a lot from this opportunity.


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