The Road Ahead

WhistleDrive Team

On September 26th, WhistleDrive hosted an event to reveal the future of WhistleDrive and announce its Series B investment from Colosseum Group.

WhistleDrive has big plans to change the Employee Transportation sector in India. They are working to help streamline and organize employee transportation by connecting the operational side with technology.

We are planning to increase the number of trips to 10 lakhs a month from the present one lakh a month in the next six months. We would like to bring in 800 more vehicles to the fleet taking the number to 1,500.

Rakesh Munnanooru, Founder and CEO of WhistleDrive

Colosseum Group invests in companies that are paving the way to our future. We believe WhistleDrive is doing just that. We see a significant acceleration of client adoption and scaling for WhistleDrive and are excited to see WhistleDrive hop onto that rocket ship and take off.

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